We combine a diverse, master team all dedicated to harnessing data to power possibilities for individuals, organisations and society. See how below.

Enhancing forecasting in retail

Mitch Prevett, SVP Head of Quantium Americas discusses the positive benefits of forecasting in retail to both the bottom line and the environment

Transformational opportunities in data

Mitch Prevett, SVP Head of Quantium Americas speaks with Andrew Ah Toy, Head of Strategy and Asia about the transformational opportunities in data and our US experience

Q.Centre for retail owners

Kyle Evans, Group Executive Product & Technology discusses creating simple and intuitive products

Data privacy and security

Kyle Evans, Group Executive Product & Technology discusses Quantium’s approach to data privacy and security

Q.Refinery – the opportunity for banks

Kyle Evans, Group Executive Product & Technology discusses turning transactional data into transformational opportunity with Q.Refinery

The 12 trends of Christmas

Discover Australia’s key shopping habits during the festive season

Strengthening AI in ASIC

Artificial intelligence, especially recent developments in natural language processing, allow for automated systems to capture key information from documents, synthesize it into a usable format, and make fast recommendations about problematic content.

The 12 categories of Christmas

At Christmas time, Aussies shop with their feet rather than fingers. Here’s some of Australia’s favourite offline retailer categories during the holiday season.

Making the most of Christmas buyer behaviour

Comparing Christmas market trends to the rest of the year is incredibly interesting. Bigger purchases, larger social occasions and increased offline shopping mark a significant shift in buyer behaviour.

Open Banking will pave the way for more transparent banking in Australia

The great irony of the Royal Commission into Banking is that it has focused on bank behaviour which, thanks to new rules in the financial services sector slated for next year, will become largely redundant of its own making.

The top five retail categories at Christmas

Leverage our Q.Segments to talk to your most important shoppers at Christmas!

For a customer-centric business, you need data in the boardroom

Decisions based purely on collective experience and gut instincts just don’t cut it any more.

Make 2019 the year for promotional effectiveness

Take the challenge to leave last year’s promotional plan behind and move to fewer, better promotions with predictive modelling

Fighting fire with data

How to harness data to reduce waste

Seven steps to data transformation

Our CEO Adam Driussi has shared seven simple steps to set you on your way to a successful data transformation.
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