Q.Checkout brings data to the heart of decision-making to foster a customer-centric business, making organisations more responsive to the people they serve


Key benefits

  • Unlock insights derived from 10 million customers from Australia’s largest retailer
    • Understand your category like never before
    • Identify the key metrics that are driving category performance
    • Understand how category performance is shifting over time
    • Identify whether your category or brand performance is being driven by new customers, switching, or increased existing customer spend
  • Optimise your range
    • Identify your best and worst performing products within your range across a variety of performance metrics, including customer loyalty
    • Understand different customer needs, identify range gaps and layout opportunities
    • Measure the performance of recent product launches
  • Get to know your customer
    • Understand your key customer segments
    • Create your own bespoke segments and monitor performance over time
    • Optimise the category product mix and identify opportunities for NPD
    • Enhance your media targeting capabilities
  • Enhance your promotional strategy
    • Understand how promotions drive category performance
    • Measure your promotional performance by customer type
    • Understand how promotions have performed across specific stores and seasons
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