We combine a diverse, master team all dedicated to harnessing data to power possibilities for individuals, organisations and society. See how below.

Q.Refinery – have you unlocked the potential of your transaction data?


Q.Refinery – create a better banking experience for your customers

What FMCG can learn from tech giant’s strategy for driverless cars

Data has always been at the heart of innovation.

Q.Refinery is now at the core of data-led transformation

Former First American SVP to head Australian data science push into US banking sector

“When it comes to delivering a personalised customer experience, many US financial institutions are lagging behind those in other parts of the world”

Five things insurers need to do right now to reap future rewards from open data

Andrew Thomson, Executive Manager – Insurance

Apple Card raises the stakes for data-driven consumer experience

Banking & Wealth Executive, David Appelberg takes a closer look at the new Apple card and discusses how some of the key features harness data to deliver a seamless consumer experience.

How to spot artificial, artificial intelligence

Kyle Evans, Group Executive – Product & Technology

Data through the retail value chain: today’s possibilities

Retail Executive, Matthew Burden discusses why data-led innovation will be the key to sustainable retail operations and success in winning consumers’ hearts, minds, and wallets.

You don’t need a loyalty program?

Quantium’s Bernard Wilson addresses the relevance of loyalty programs.

Forecasting at the forefront: Can I trust my forecast?

Mitch Prevett, SVP Head of Quantium Americas and Forecasting Specialist, Glen Maisey discuss the game changing results when CPGs move away from manual forecasting and adopt an AI based forecasting approach.

The Marie Kondo effect on Christmas

The retail sector certainly experienced the Marie Kondo effect at Christmas, growth in spend was driven largely by ‘staple’ purchases – i.e. the Fuel, Liquor and Supermarket categories – and Aussies shied away from trinkets and treasures.

Narrowing digital targeting to a seven-day purchase window

Our media team has made the next leap in personalised marketing at scale with the launch of ‘Next Shop’, an expanded offer in Q.Segments.

Data powering possibilities in banking

Mitch Prevett, SVP Head of Quantium Americas discusses how Q.Refinery is powering possibilities in banking

Getting started on the data journey

Mitch Prevett, SVP Head of Quantium Americas discusses the top tips for any organisation to get started on their data journey
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