We combine a diverse, master team all dedicated to harnessing data to power possibilities for individuals, organisations and society. See how below.

Breaking the range paradigm

Discover the benefits of bringing together range and space decisions with our range expert Jennifer Dimić

Door open for Australian banks to learn from UK experience

Open Banking represents a significant opportunity for Australian banks, read our Co-Founder and Executive Director Greg Schneider’s insights on how to navigate these changes successfully.

EOFY deals put high affluence Crowds in a spin

Our Q.Segments highlight that high affluence Crowds get in a spin over sales in household appliances and younger groups are also keen to hoover up deals.

The data revolution that puts consumers in charge

The winners of the global open data revolution will be forward-thinking companies and their empowered customers.

Data scientists have earned their seat at the table

Data scientists have earned their seat at the table. Victor Bajanov, our Product Analytics Executive writes about the future of data science and AI.

Data Mapping in the fight against sex trafficking

We have made a conscious decision to use our technology, skills, and capabilities to support My Choices Foundation in a meaningful way.

Australia needs to change its mindset to compete in the industries of the future

Allow Australia to participate fully in the global data and AI revolution, or risk becoming an ‘also ran’.

Watch how Wicked Sister leverages data to give customers what they want

Coming from humble beginnings to now leading the premium chilled dessert category, watch how Paul Polly, CEO and Founder of Wicked Sister leverages data to drive innovation.
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