We work across clinical, commercial strategy and policy domains, bringing together a unique set of disciplinary backgrounds to drive data-driven decisions to solve health care problems.

Our Health business is a joint venture between Quantium and Discovery Health.

Our health expertise delivers information on outcomes to the forefront of clinical and policy decision making.

We are experts in the collection, risk adjustment, analysis and feedback of health outcomes information.

Our consulting and technology solutions harness data from multiple sources to support clinicians, policy makers, and patients to benefit from a holistic view of health and health care delivery.

We partner with leading organisations across the health care sector on their greatest challenges, using data to unlock transformational opportunities.

Some of our speciality areas include:

  • Health policy – Our experts in public health, epidemiology, medicine and data analytics support health policymakers with using analytics and machine learning to drive health outcomes. We work in partnership with governments to design data strategies, understand health trends, evaluate health initiatives and create data-driven policy solutions.
  • Health insurance – We help health insurers harness new AI and digital capabilities, improve customer outcomes, and turn data into a competitive advantage. Our recent experiences include transforming claims functions to deliver financial outcomes, embedding AI in customer journeys to improve customer loyalty, and building personalised wellness engagement as a service.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Med Tech – Leveraging our global expertise in data analytics across the Pharmaceutical, Med Tech and Life Science industries, we develop insights and identify opportunities to improve customer experiences and drive growth.
  • Hospitals and providers – Our teams collaborate with hospitals and providers to enhance patient risk prediction models, improve patient experience, and assess clinical intervention effectiveness. With our experience in creating data-powered solutions and our insights into health dynamics, we drive meaningful change for better quality care and positive patient outcomes.
  • Compliance – Our combined expertise in data analytics, regulation and compliance supports the proactive identification of non-compliance and fraud and the development of data-driven compliance strategies. We work with large government agencies and payment schemes to design analytical solutions and strategies to maximise the effectiveness of these compliance interventions.

Our health products harness data to drive improved patient outcomes.

  Q.Checkup is a self-serve insight portal for the medical device market, giving you access to market insights across your product portfolio. Q.Checkup’s outputs help businesses drive strategies across products, regions, providers and treatment areas. Read more hereCurrently not available in Australia.
Q.Dose offers a deep understanding of a patient’s full suite of healthcare interventions and allows for sound data-informed decision-making . Read more here.Currently not available in Australia.

Quantium Health leadership team

Brian Hartzer

Brian is an experienced executive with a 30-year track record of helping organisations transform how they operate and improve how they serve customers. As CEO of Quantium Health, Brian is passionate about partnering with the health sector to address today's challenges and shape the future of healthcare by deploying data science and AI at scale.

Dr Neil Soderlund

Neil sits on the Quantium Health Board and is a Strategic Advisor. He has over 20 years of experience in health care consulting, including leadership roles as the Head of the Australian and New Zealand health care practice of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and as the Founder and Managing Director of Health Outcomes Australia.

Dr Justin Toh

Justin is the Head of Private Health for Quantium’s Health practice. He has over 16 years’ experience spanning the US, European, African and Asia Pacific markets, focussing on health care strategy, consulting, data analytics and innovation in funding and delivery models.

Alex Ledger

Alex is a senior executive focussing on data and platform strategy, advanced analytics and outcomes measurement. He has nearly 15 years’ experience in health care and public sector strategy and analytics consulting across Australia, Europe, US and the Middle East.

Aman Dayal

With over 15 years of experience in hospital big data and technical systems design, Aman is an expert in driving continuous improvement through automation. He has built and led a team of 25+ specialists, overseeing the development, innovation, and automation of a variety of services.

Sunny Dosanjh

Sunny Dosanjh is an executive who leads Quantium’s Health business in the UK. He is a medic by background and specialises in developing healthcare AI and data solutions that have a measurable impact on clinicians and the wellbeing of patients.

Charlotte Ramage

Charlotte is an Executive Manager with over 10 years’ experience in government, health and social services settings.

Alix Duncan

Alix is an Executive Manager with a diverse background in data science, policy development and strategic planning. She has over 10 years of experience in developing data science solutions for complex problems in the public and healthcare sector, including in the fields of outcomes measurement, risk assessment and non-compliance detection.

Georgia Hendry Parsons

Georgia is an Executive Manager focussing on the productization of solutions to enable scale and ongoing value realisation. She has over 12 years’ industry experience in technology, data and consulting, across both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Alykhan Vira

Alykhan has over 10 years of experience in consulting in the healthcare sector, and he has worked with major hospital groups, pharmaceutical and MedTech companies, and development agencies in South Africa and across Africa.

Sophie Gemmell

Sophie is an Executive Manager with over nine years of experience across the public and private sectors.

Saurav Acharya

Saurav is an Executive Manager with over eight years of experience working across banking, wealth management, consumer services and the public sector.

Adrian Ku

Adrian is an Executive Manager with over seven years of experience working and delivering analytics in banking and the public sector.

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