Q.Dose gives a deep understanding of a patient’s full suite of healthcare interventions and allows for sound data-informed decisions to be made

Key benefits

  • Provides your business with an objective view of market performance
    • View of various Discovery Health metrics, growth and market share
    • Highlights market trends and shifts in claims
  • Allows for strategically planned      market entry
    • Insight into market landscape of a specific disease for new product launches
    • Enhance understanding of market potential and claims thresholds
  • Patient profiling allows for deep insights into treatment pathways
    • Understand disease burden with real-world evidence
    • Flag patients by diseases and co-morbidities
    • Follow their full healthcare journey including all costs and hospitalisations
  • Aids with data-driven formulary    decision making
    • Track downstream funder costs and clinical outcomes
    • Improve market access through data-driven discussions
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