Unlocking untapped value and driving advantage

Fresh, actionable, commercial insights are a powerful contributor to business strategy and growth. CommBank iQ delivers the opportunity to see, surface and unlock opportunities – from better ways to optimise existing activity, to identifying new markets and customer segments.

By bringing together a range of strategies – including bespoke consulting and scalable data-driven products and insights, CommBank iQ ultimately enables businesses and institutions to:

  • Make confident decisions that build upon real activity through visibility of 30% of Australian transactions;
  • Leverage world-class data science and artificial intelligence to transform how they deliver on people’s needs; and
  • Move from insight to action with unrivalled speed and accuracy through flexible data-driven solutions.

Together, we are advancing a shared ambition to help businesses and institutions become more responsive to the people they serve.


For further information or media enquiries, please refer to the CommBank iQ media release

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