Q.Refinery enables banks to harness their data to enhance the customer experience, reduce risk and realise growth

Business problems Q.Refinery can solve

  • Which shopping behaviours can identify Home Loan customers that will churn to a competitor?
  • Are there spending habits that could greatly enhance your internal customer risk scores?
  • How do undisclosed liabilities and late payments for regular household bills impact the likelihood of default?
  • Which brand preferences best identify customers with a high lifetime value?
  • How much call centre efficiency can you drive by making transactions easier for customers and staff to recognise?
  • How does auto-classification of income and expenses streamline and improve the credit application process?

Key benefits

  • Get a deeper understanding of your customer and unlock personalisation at scale
  • Arrive at better and more efficient lending decisions with less reliance on 3rd party checks
  • Help your customers better manage their money – from offering more targeted services to proactively managing customers in financial distress
  • Enhance your regulatory compliance through improved risk-profile lending ratios
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