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Aman Dayal


With over 15 years of extensive experience in hospital big data and technical systems design, Aman is an expert in driving continuous improvement through automation. He has built and led a team of 25+ specialist software developers, data analysts, and data scientists, overseeing the development, innovation, and automation of a variety of services. These services included automated data processing and analysis of highly variable health data, in-house development of analytical and predictive products, and benchmarking services for private hospital groups, public hospitals, and disability support service providers.

Aman’s prior role as CIO and CTO included developing and delivering data analytics products and services for 150+ public hospitals across Australia and New Zealand. He also established super user training programs to enable key healthcare data leaders. In addition, he has developed, managed, and delivered new analytics products for private hospital benchmarking groups. With a focus on efficiency, quality and safety, these analytics products and benchmarking services have significantly helped hospitals improve their operations.

Aman’s expertise extends beyond Australia and New Zealand. He has established data, analytics products, and benchmarking services in the Middle East, UK, and Ireland. As a subject matter expert in business, data, and technology, he has helped local and international clients navigate data and analytics products and services.

Aman has extensive experience leading the development and deployment of data platforms that enable the efficient collection, storage, and analysis of health data for providers and funders. These platforms also allow for machine learning and data science applications at scale.

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