Q.Centre puts customer data in the hands of decision makers to help retail property managers curate their centres to deliver better products, services and experiences to the communities they operate in.

Q.Centre is made up of four modules that offer a range of benefits

  • Customer View
    • Customer View provides an in-depth understanding of your customers to help drive marketing strategy, calendar planning and campaign execution
    • Customer View uses Quantium’s customer segmentation – Q.Segment Crowds to tell you:
      • Which customer segments are in your trade area?
      • Which segments are you strong in, and which segments are growth opportunities?
    • Craft the right marketing messages by knowing your customers and activate against your most valuable segments directly through Quantium’s media partners.


  • Centre Profile
    • Centre Profile allows you to create data-driven fact sheets for your centre
    • You can use Centre Profile to elevate conversations and market your centre to current and prospective retailers, as well as investors
    • Centre Profile includes your top customer segments, highlights the opportunity in your trade area, and provides a measure of customer engagement with your centre
    • Metrics provided in Centre Profile are contextualised with relevant benchmarks.


  • Market Monitor
    • Market Monitor allows you to track your market share over time, compare it to benchmark and understand the key drivers of change
    • You can monitor the competitive landscape in your trade area and respond to threats.


  • Data Explorer
    • Data Explorer is designed for analyst-type users
    • It surfaces granular, historic data in a BI Tool to answer strategic or specific questions for a centre or portfolio.

A word from some of our clients

I’m a huge fan of Q.Centre and I’m sure my team will find the data as useful as I do. It’s a brilliant tool and very useful for marketing and leasing.

Regional Marketing Manager

Love the way that the category information is displayed with all the key information showed clearly.

Q.Centre user

I’m finding it very simple to navigate with useful information.

Centre Manager

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