Facebook Custom Audiences

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Thank you for your interest in understanding how Quantium helps to present consumers with more relevant offers and marketing using Facebook Custom Audiences. By understanding broad consumer habits, we endeavour to connect Facebook audiences with brands and offers that are most relevant to them.

Quantium helps businesses to better understand and serve their customers and by understanding their customer’s interests and preferences, businesses can improve their product offerings and customer experience.

We are responsible for the careful handling of all information that our data providers entrust to us, including by ensuring that we reliably follow responsible business practices. Data relating to transactions of customers is provided to Quantium from businesses that are data providers only after those businesses de-identify this transaction data. Any data that could be used by Quantium to identify an individual is substituted with an anonymised identifier. This ensures that Quantium does not receive transaction data about individuals that are identified, or that are reasonably identifiable by Quantium. Quantium does not have any method or process to work out the identity of customers of the business to whom de-identified data relates.

Quantium creates audience segments (which are groups of anonymised identifiers) by inferring that customers share a particular interest or preference. Publishers like Facebook de-identify their users’ personal information utilising the same encryption algorithm used by Quantium.

Advertisements may then be served to users of digital platforms (including Facebook) from within a safeguarded and secure anonymisation zone and presented to groups of unidentified individuals that are within an audience segment we which we have inferred to share particular interests or preferences.

Quantium does not collect user personal information from digital platforms and publishers (including Facebook) when enabling advertisements to be presented to groups of unidentified individuals that are within an audience segment.

Each business that is a data provider to Quantium, and each provider of a digital platform (including Facebook) is responsible for providing and complying with that entity’s own privacy policy and for complying with all privacy and data protection laws applicable to that entity. This responsibility includes provision of any required notice, obtaining any required consent, and offering and processing any applicable opt out or similar choice option as required by applicable privacy and data protection laws.

Please refer to the privacy policy, statement or notice for entities with which you deal, or whose internet sites, mobile applications and other online services you access, to learn how they collect and use information about you.

Quantium ensures compliance with privacy laws and strives to define and reliably implement new best practice in governance of data handled by Quantium. Learn more here.

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For more information please contact us at: customaudienceinquiries@quantium.com