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What Quantium is taking to the world

Co-Founders Adam Driussi and Greg Schneider discuss what Quantium is taking to the rest of the world.

Why Quantium is a great place for grads

Quantium’s Co-Founders Adam Driussi and Greg Schneider discuss how Quantium is a great place for graduates to build their careers.

Why Quantium is an awesome place to work

Co-Founders Adam Driussi and Greg Schneider discuss the opportunities of working at Quantium.

Building momentum for businesses

Co-Founders Adam Driussi and Greg Schneider challenge businesses to harness the power of data to drive innovation and cultural change.

How data analytics has changed over 17 years

Co-Founders Adam Driussi and Greg Schneider discuss how innovation in leveraging data has driven business transformation for Quantium’s clients and their customers.

Joining the dots: The case for outcome-based policy decisions

Quantium’s Neil Soderlund discusses how public institutions have historically been measured by the money they spend and the actions they take, rather than the outcomes they create.

Lifting the HEM: building better benchmarks to assess household expenses in loan applications

Quantium’s Michael Mifsud discusses a better way to benchmark household expenditure vs. the current HEM benchmark.

Craft banking: What the finance sector can learn from the beer market

Quantium’s Chris Barry draws parallels between shifts in beer consumption and the potential disruption in banking.

Transaction data: a strategy to reconnect with the customer

Quantium’s Andrew Ah Toy outlines his top tips for banks to execute a successful data strategy.

10 guiding principles to best practice personalisation

Quantium’s Bernard Wilson discusses that personalisation is about making your customer experience as relevant as possible, as often as possible

Q.Refinery – have you unlocked the potential of your transaction data?


What FMCG can learn from tech giant’s strategy for driverless cars

Data has always been at the heart of innovation.

Q.Refinery is now at the core of data-led transformation

Five things insurers need to do right now to reap future rewards from open data

Andrew Thomson, Executive Manager – Insurance

Apple Card raises the stakes for data-driven consumer experience

Banking & Wealth Executive, David Appelberg takes a closer look at the new Apple card and discusses how some of the key features harness data to deliver a seamless consumer experience.
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