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Is your bank getting maximum return on its data?

Learn about Q.Refinery

Does your bank make your customer’s financial lives easier and anticipates their needs?

Learn about Q.Refinery

Is your bank’s analytics team focused on the right analytics?

Learn about Q.Refinery

Is your bank truly about the customer?

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Is your bank doing all it can to be a responsible lender?

Learn about Q.Refinery

Peak smartphone and the future of online search

What smaller screens mean for online retail strategy

Fresh food subscriptions and delivery services: from occasional treats to a permanent fixture

What’s behind the growth in these businesses, and what does it mean for FMCG companies?

The importance of data in developing omni-channel FMCG strategies

Supermarkets will remain the profit centres of FMCG retail for the foreseeable future, but an intelligent approach to omni-channel strategies is reaping rewards for some FMCG producers.

What the online retail acceleration means for FMCG suppliers

While the world is learning to live with the pandemic, consumers are creating new habits of a lifetime.

How data science is empowering bank customers to take climate action into their own hands

Quantium’s Green Score is a ground-breaking product that allows banks to leverage the power of transaction data to help their customers track and eliminate retail carbon emissions.

Why banks around the world are using Q.Refinery

Be at the forefront of transformation in banking with Q.Refinery

Q.Refinery: Global coverage, local excellence

Q.Refinery identifies over 35 million unique merchants across the globe, enabling banks to deliver better customer and business outcomes from their transaction data.

FMCG businesses need a data strategy to keep pace with consumer spend in the recession

Karl Miklis argues FMCG businesses must step-change their data and analytics capability to anticipate consumption patterns and plan not only to keep pace, but to proactively seek out opportunities in these times of uncertainty

The power of increments

The true heroes in AI aren’t high profile use cases such as autonomous vehicles or home assistants, but rather the quiet achievers delivering incremental efficiencies at scale.

Banks should leverage transaction data to carefully balance empathy, commerciality, and ensure business stability beyond COVID

Now more than ever banks need to be there for customers. But coming through the financial consequences of a pandemic, banks need to balance supporting the financial wellbeing for their customers with sustainability of their businesses.
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