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How lenders are leveraging transaction data to mitigate material issues in credit models post-COVID

Banks can provide better customer and business outcomes in a post-pandemic world where they appreciate issues with existing risk models and utilise transaction data as a remedy

Not all transaction data solutions are the same

Q.Refinery can get the best value out of your transaction data; high coverage and accuracy, actionable customer insights, and fast implementation

Five questions FMCG leaders should be asking right now

Karl Miklis highlights how swift and intelligent analysis of the best available data can bolster businesses for success over the coming months.

Pandemic ups the ante for empathic banking

Bernard Wilson urges banks to use data and technology to go beyond generic offers of financial assistance, anticipate the changing needs of their customers and deliver tailored empathic action which genuinely supports them during uncertain times.

Personalize every interaction with Q.Refinery

Watch how Q.Refinery unlocks the power in transaction data to deliver personalization .

Unlock the value of transaction data with Q.Refinery

Watch how Q.Refinery unlocks customer attributes to power personalized interactions

Lost in translation: what banks can’t learn from retail personalization

Bernard Wilson explores the differences between personalization in banking and retail. Read more on how granular transaction data may be the panacea for banks striving for a more personalized experience

The incumbent bank’s advantage

Quantium’s SVP, Chris Barry explores how incumbent banks are sitting on a very important asset – customer transaction data

US banking trends

Quantium Executives, Chris Barry and Bernard Wilson discuss the key trends in the American banking industry

Leverage Q.Refinery

How banks are leveraging Q.Refinery to unlock the potential of their transaction data

Transformation across European banks

Quantium Executives, Riyadh Bhyat and Bernard Wilson discuss the opportunities and threats facing European banks

Benefits for bank’s customers

Quantium Executives, Riyadh Bhyat and Bernard Wilson talk to the benefits for bank’s customers

Characteristics of successful banks

Riyadh Bhyat, Head of Quantium EMEA and Executive, Banking & Fintech, Bernard Wilson discuss the characteristics of successful banks

Why banks are engaging with Quantium?

Discover why banks across Europe are choosing to work with Quantium

Opportunity knocks

Quantium’s new Global CCO Tony Keusgen shares why he joined Quantium and the opportunities Australia cannot afford to miss
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